Techiniques of Da'wah Related to Public Speaking

Techiniques of Da'wah Related to Public Speaking
In the speech there are some techniques that must be considered so as not awkward and in conveying the contents of the speech also what we convey can be accepted and and understood by the listeners. The techniques include the following:
1. Important Tips
  • Body language is very important
  • It is preferable that the talk be given without the help of notes
  • speak without a podium to enable the audience to observe the body language
  • Befero begenning your speech, remove any disturbance that may cause obstruction or hindrance
2. Personal Appearance
  • It is advisable for male preacher to keep a beard
  • It is preferable for male preacher to wear cap which is clean or cover your head and for famale preacher to wear a long veil
  • Wear formal clothes  (aviod track shoes, jeans and other casual wear).
  • button yous shirt (except for collar button, all the other buttons should be closed)
  • Do not fold your sleeves while lecturing
  • Your overall appearance should be smart, appealing and confident
3. Posture
  • It is preferable to stand and talk rather than sitting and speaking
  • While standing, your legs should neither  be too far apart nor too close
  • Stand erect on both your feet, without bending them at the knees
  • Do not shake unnescessarily
  • Your posture should be confident and energetic. It should be relaxed and not tense
4. Gestures
  • Do not stand rigid like a statue
  • Make gestures with hands very often
  • Gestrures should be natural and not acted out or preplanned ( you may, however, see your owntrial performance in the mirror to evaluate the effectivenes and impression of your gestures)
  • Gestures should  be related to the matter that is being spoken
  • Your facial expressions should be warm, genial and cordial, and not appear stern or angry
  • Your pace should have expressions according to the matter  of your speech
  • If you have to turn or make a movement, do it from the hip and upper part of the body
5. Terminus
  • Yuoe hands should be placed one on top of the other on the navel, (or on the podium) when a rest, i,e. while not making gestures
  • Do not put your hands in your pockets or behind your back
  • Do not play with your pingers
  • Do not fidget with your clothes
  • Do not fidget with the mike , or the wire, or any article such as pen, paper, etc
6. Eye Contact
  • At the beginning of the talk give a glance trhoughout the audience
  • Have eye to eye contact  with as much of the audience as possible (each and every one if posible if you have a small audience)
  • Do not look at the opposite sex if they are present in the audience. You may however give a passing glance accasionally
  • Do not look at or fix your gaze on the ceiling, floor, empaty space or above the heads of the audience
7. Miscellaneous
  • Before the commencemet of the speech, walk confidently and calmly towards the mike and not in a tense and rapid manner
  • pause confidently before starting the speech
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